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Tropical Analysis - 24 January 2017 0600 UTC

Western Pacific Tropical Update – 24 January 2017

Bottom Line Up Front: Potential low pressure area to cross Philippine Sea this weekend.Active Storms: None.5-Day Tropical Discussion: A near-equatorial trough remains horizontal, centered near 7°N latitude.  The disturbance centered roughly near 145-150°E continues to be the subject of interest.  Although it is yet to be classified as an invest, this disturbance continues to maintain model trend consistency, showing mild development over the course of the next 5 days.  It is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday, spreading showers across the western Carolines and Palau in the near-term.  Currently, the probability for tropical cyclone development with this ...

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Daily weather brief - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

NORTHAlthough temperatures are still quite cold over the northern region, the cold air mass is starting to moderate a bit, especially in parts of Mongolia and Northern China. Skies are clear region-wide as high pressure dominates the region. Air quality in the northeast Chinese lowlands will approach hazardous levels today under the high pressure cap and stagnant air. Temperatures will range from near -10 C (near 15 F) in the north, to near 10 C (50 F) in the south and east.CityHigh/LowCHigh/LowFConditionsUlaanbaatar-9-1916-2Mostly fairVladivostok-8-18180Mostly fairBeijing2-83618Mostly fair/HAZ. AIR QUALITYSeoul-1-113012Mostly fairTokyo7-14530Mostly fairShanghai934837Mostly fair CENTRALSkies are clearing over much of the mainland central region as ...

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Stuck Vehicles in Tottori Prefecture


Snow totals have continued to sky rocket across Japan following nearly 2 weeks of continued heavy snowfall in the country. The highest totals have been in Hokoriku where at a few ski resorts over 3 meters of snow depth has been recorded. The latest storm which blew through on Saturday followed by a tight north westerly pressure gradient spurred on additional sea effect snow triggering well over a meter of snow in central Honshu.  Despite Japans first class snow removal in most of the country there was still lots of problems specifically to travelers to be had over the course of ...

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Tropical Analysis - 23 January 2017 0600 UTC

Western Pacific Tropical Update – 23 January 2017

Bottom Line Up Front: Low-latitude disturbance creeping westward.Active Storms: None.5-Day Tropical Discussion: Area of convergence exists over Mindanao, spreading rain showers across the southern Philippines.  This disturbance is expected to continue moving westward with no signs of development.We continue to monitor a disturbance roughly near 5°N 150-155°E.  It is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday, producing showers across the western Carolines and Palau.  As it nears the Philippines late in the forecast period, the is a low probability this disturbance may generate into a tropical depression.  This area has persisted across a few days' worth of ...

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Daily weather brief - Monday, January 23, 2017

NORTHTemperatures remain frigid over the northern third of the north region as scold settles in over the remainder of the region to the south and east. The sea-effect snow machine is still active across western prefectures and higher terrain of western and central Japan as a strong storm system moves out of Hokkaido into the Pacific. Cold air behind the front situated just offshore of Honshu is rolling over the relatively warm water of the Sea of Japan and up the mountain slopes and dumping considerable snowfall across the area. Conditions are much nicer over continental Asia as high pressure ...

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