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05W MIRINAE, full, 28 JUL

Daily weather brief - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Intense heat continues to invade parts of central and eastern China, with very dangerous heat indices expected this afternoon. Meanwhile, clouds and showers will continue to impact the easternmost reaches of the region. Tropical storm 05W MIRINAE has made landfall in northern Vietnam, bringing lots of wind and rain to the area, with the moisture expected to traverse inland over the coming days. Meanwhile scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms will continue to pop up across much of the remainder of the region. The south region will see more widespread showers and thunderstorms, especially over portions of Indochina as Tropical Storm 05W MIRIMAE ...

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Mirinae really got its act together overnight making landfall early this morning just East of Hanoi as a Severe Tropical Storm. Winds are still enough to bring down small trees and toss light objects in this storm but I still think the rain will continue to be the main issue. A tropical storm and flooding warning remains in effect for northern areas of Vietnam and we can expect there to be flooding and possible landslides in the inland steeper mountains through Thursday in to Friday.  The storm has already now been downgraded to a Tropical storm and will continue to weaken ...

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Tropical Storm Mirinae Moves Over Hainan in to Vietnam

We now have our third name Tropical System of 2016 in the Western Pacific. Tropical Storm Mirinae continues to track west over Hainan this morning bringing heavy rainfall and gale force conditions. Expect the storm to track in to the Gulf of Tonkin today and make landfall in Vietnam tonight. The rain will continue to be the main threat though, up to 200mm could be seen in Hainan and Northern Vietnam.  The rainfall will be at the highest though in Southern Hainan as moisture bands wrap around from the gulf of Tonkin through the rest of the day. As the storm moves ...

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Daily weather brief - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Intense heat settles in over much of eastern China as the dog days of summer roll on in the north region. Clouds and showers are possible over Korea and Japan as a weak storm system swings through this afternoon. Most locations across the central region will see showers and thunderstorms, as tropical moisture from Tropical Storm 05W MIRINAE takes over parts of southern China and northern Vietnam. The south region will see another day of widespread showers and thunderstorms, with most of the action focused over Indochina as TS 05W MIRINAE tracks quickly to the west-northwest into northern Vietnam. Speaking of the tropics, ...

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Tropical Depression Alert for Hainan and Vietnam

Amidst one of the calmest tropical seasons in recent years we watch the “possibility” of a tropical storm and maybe our third named storm of the year.  This Tropical Depression south of Hong Kong has a clear center rotations and is quite symmetrical. But it lacks the moisture and cloud cover early Tuesday morning to really warrant being upgraded to a named storm. (Which would be Mirinae, a name from Korea.)   Still though JMA continues to forecast it to upgrade, if it does it is not expected to become a typhoon and likely not a Severe Tropical Storm before making it to ...

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