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NWPAC outlook, 27 JUN

Daily update- Monday, June 27, 2016

Much of the north region quiets down as the East Asian monsoon gets pushed into the central region. The south region is dealing with a good deal of tropical weather as the tropic region itself continues to show significant signs of life.  NORTH A couple of weak storm systems will work through the north region today, bringing some cloudiness to parts of Mongolia, northern China, and southeastern Russia. There’s not much energy or moisture associated with these systems as they are mostly dry lines sweeping across the land. Méiyǔ moisture and energy hangs in farther to the south, where eastern China will ...

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Scattered Showers Continue Following Tropical Depression Ambo , Monday Outlook

Would you like some bacon with your scrambled eggs this morning? Tropical Depression Ambo has fallen apart just as swiftly as it organized this past weekend. At this time the Low level center is hard to find with mainly scattered thunderstorms circulation around the low across the Philippines Monday morning. This could shortly re-organize through mid-week but for the most part expect the energy from Ambo to be drawn in to the monsoonal gyre near Vietnam triggering heavy rainfall across SE Asia.   That will be the biggest threat going ahead is the wide spread rainfall from the low in the South ...

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Tropical Depression Ambo Forms Near Luzon / Sunday Afternoon Outlook

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4krVOI0j4Ms The Philippine sea effect strikes again with the rapid development of tropical depression Ambo this Sunday the 26th of June. The TD was a area of low pressure we have been watching for several days now but during Sunday morning it swiftly organized gaining an abundance of convection while setting up banding mostly on its southern flank. Overall the forecast has changed little though with the rain continuing to be the biggest threat from this storm system. Some areas of Visayas and Luzon could see well over 200mm of total precipation bringing in the threat of flooding and landslides. PAGASA put out ...

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Weekend update- June 25/26, 2016

The weekend will see a quitter weather regime for the north region as méiyǔ energy and moisture sag down into the central region, where the showers and thunderstorms will once again plague most of the residents. The south region is still dealing with the developments in the tropics, which have really ramped up in action in recent days. NORTH A fairly strong storm system is pushing through northern Japan today, and taking the clouds and showers away with it as it presses east and south. The storm system is currently located in southeastern Russia, with a front that extends to the southwest ...

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Multiple Tropical Lows Bring Heavy Rainfall Threats For Vietnam and Philippines Possible Nepartak

The tropics look like a pan of oil that has been lit on fire today with wide spread convection being seen from Yap and Palau through the South China sea stretching across the Philippines.   The thing is at least at this time this is a uncontrolled burn with wide spread monsoonal storms concentrated near two low pressure areas. A tropical depression (invest 96w) in the South China Sea and another invest area which could become a TD over Yap and Palau.   First we start with our Tropical Depression, officially this is expected to become a tropical storm in the next 24hrs as ...

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