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Daily weather brief - Friday, December 9, 2016

NORTH High pressure is building into the north region as the latest Siberian surge pushes through the region. Temperatures are quite cold in the northern half of the region, while areas to the east and south are seeing much milder temperatures. A weak storm system is rolling through the Korean peninsula and Japan today, but moisture is limited with this system, so these locations will only see a few passing clouds as the system moves through. Low clouds and fog will hinder travel in the higher terrain of central China, while the remainder of the region enjoys sunshine and scattered clouds. City High/Low C High/Low F Conditions Ulaanbaatar -14 -26 7 -15 Mostly ...

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Daily weather brief - Thursday, December 8, 2016

NORTH A moderately strong storm system is sweeping through northern China today with a reinforcing shot of cold air behind the trailing cold front. A few showers will pop up over northeastern China and the Korean peninsula as this storm system moves through. Another weaker storm system is making its way to the east offshore of Japan, but due to the complicated dynamics in place, the air is actually a bit warmer behind the frontal system associated with this system as warm air advects to the north ahead of the stronger system. As the deep-freeze stays in place across Mongolia, northern ...

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Daily weather brief - Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NORTH The newest surge of Siberian air is moving through the north region today, bringing snow showers to parts of Mongolia and northern China. Another storm system to the east is rolling through Korea and Japan, and will simply serve to dry the air out ahead of the surge to come through from the northwest later this week. Fog and low clouds will dampen the day a bit across eastern China, while the remainder of the region will see a mix of sun and clouds and chilly late-autumn temperatures. City High/Low C High/Low F Conditions Ulaanbaatar -10 -25 14 -13 Snow showers likely Vladivostok -6 -14 21 7 Partly cloudy Beijing 9 -2 48 28 Mostly fair Seoul 9 -4 48 25 Partly cloudy Tokyo 8 3 46 37 Mostly cloudy Xi’an 13 -1 55 30 Partly cloudy Shanghai 15 6 59 43 Fog and low clouds   CENTRAL The central region ...

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Daily weather brief - Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NORTH Autumn continues to transition to winter across the north region, as repeated surges of Siberian air sweep through the region. This week will see a bit of a roller-coaster ride with temperatures as no less than 3 impulses of colder air will move into the region, keeping temperatures below freezing in the northern tier of the region. A storm system riding along the leading edge of the initial surge is sweeping through Japan today, while a new surge is rolling through Mongolia and northern China, where snow showers herald its arrival. The remainder of the region will see lots of ...

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcWi-ek6EXE Is invest 90W a relatively weak low pressure area near the equator and south of Palau something people need to worry about?  This is a question I have seen pop up over the past few days thanks to a few select model runs which develop the storm, but at least at this time I can say no there is nothing to worry about.. Fretting about what long range models show is like constantly worrying that a asteroid will drop out of the sky. Yes there is a possibility it could occur but the chance is low. This MEME kind of shows my ...

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