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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWhGbsL9KW4   It’s Friday morning and Lionrock continues to swirl east of Okinawa. Max winds reported were up to 35kts on the islands as the storm really remains well enough east to not cause any major problems. So for those who were worried about a weekend storm hitting the area those worries can be set aside at least for now. Do note though seas along the eastern seaboard of the southern Japanese islands will be extra rough today, up to 4-5 meters high at times.   The graphic below breaks down pretty well what Lionrock has been doing for the past week now.   What about ...

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93W, 26 AUG

Daily weather brief - Friday, August 26, 2016

NORTH A fairly potent frontal system is stretched across the north region today, bringing a taste of autumn to Mongolia and portions of northern and central interior China. Some of that cooler air has made its way into Korea, where clouds and rain will hold temperatures back a significant amount. Tokyo and the central Pacific coast of Japan has a keen eye on Typhoon 12W LIONROCK (Dindo), as forecasts show the potential for the system to affect the region early next week. City High/Low C High/Low F Conditions Ulaanbaatar 19 7 66 45 Mostly fair Vladivostok 24 16 75 61 Mostly fair Beijing 29 16 84 61 Mostly fair Seoul 24 17 75 63 Periods of rain Tokyo 31 25 88 77 Mostly fair Xi’an 28 19 82 66 Partly cloudy Shanghai 33 25 91 77 Scattered showers likely   CENTRAL Typhoon 12W LIONROCK (Dindo) continues to swirl about to the east ...

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INVEST full, 25 AUG

Daily weather brief - Thursday, August 25, 2016

NORTH Cooler air settles across parts of the north region; hints of changes that are coming in the next few weeks. A frontal system is draped over northern China, with cooler air having filtered down as far south as the recently heat-ravaged areas of interior central China, where temperatures are a full11C (20F) cooler than yesterday with clouds and showers. This front will bring a few thunderstorms to eastern Russia later this afternoon as it slides through, and showers will fall across northeastern China and Korea. And it looks like Japan’s tropical troubles may not be over just yet, as 12W ...

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92W, 24 AUG

Daily weather brief - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NORTH Signs of the coming changes in seasons are evident across the north region, as intense heat once again settles over interior portions of central China, and cool, autumn-like temperatures settle over parts of Mongolia and northern China. Heat indices could approach 44C (111F) in Xi’an and surrounding locales this afternoon. Lingering moisture from 10W will bring a few showers to Japan this afternoon, and a few sprinkles will fall across Mongolia as the warm, moist air overrides the cooler air at the surface. City High/Low C High/Low F Conditions Ulaanbaatar 13 3 55 37 Scattered showers likely Vladivostok 24 22 75 72 Partly cloudy Beijing 33 24 91 75 Mostly fair Seoul 33 23 91 73 Partly cloudy Tokyo 30 25 86 77 Scattered thunderstorms possible Xi’an 39 27 102 81 Partly cloudy & HOT Shanghai 33 26 91 79 Partly cloudy   CENTRAL Attention in the central region, especially the ...

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Lionrock Nears Okinawa, Typhoon Warnings in Place

Lionrock has intensified in to a Typhoon Wednesday to the east of Amami in the Southern Japanese islands. This storm has been a rather interesting one to watch, forming first south of Tokyo and then riding the monsoonal gyre that has been in place south east along the coast of Honshu towards Okinawa.   Now after its odd journey it has decided to take a break and linger east of Okinawa  for the time being.  The one location that will take a direct hit though is the Daito islands part of Okinawa prefecture.  The island is built for typhoons and has a ...

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