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NWPAC outlook, 11 FEB

Daily update- Thursday, February 11, 2016

It’s a veritable see-saw of meteorology across eastern Asia today as another cold shot of Siberian air starts to infiltrate parts of the north region, while temperatures warm up big time ahead of the surge in the central and the south.  NORTH Colder air is starting to make way into portions of Mongolia and northern China today, the leading edge of what should be a fairly strong winter surge that will affect most of eastern Asia over the next 3-5 days. The north region will start to cool off today and tomorrow as the air mass slides to the south and east, ...

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NWPAC outlook, 10 FEB

Daily update- Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Temperatures continue to warm up a bit across much of eastern Asia and the NWPAC as we look forward to the next cold surge in a few days’ time, while the south stays very warm and the tropics remain relatively quiet.  NORTH A complex weather scenario is taking place across eastern Asia and the immediate maritime region as ripples of energy roll across the region and pull in slightly cooler and drier air behind them. These weak shots of cooler air are just serving to keep the region from warming up more than is already taking place, but are not strong enough ...

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Spring Like Weather To Impact Japan Late This Week

This winter season in Japan has been a below average and generally a non-starter with only about half as much snowfall thus far this year as we seen last year. The upcoming weekend this theme of El Nino enhanced storms and warm weather will ring true more so than ever. A few factors coming together will bring strong southerly winds across Taiwan and Japan by Friday into Saturday. This includes above average temperatures in southern china and a strong West Pac high for this time of year helping to funnel southerly winds north and force a upper level ridge to climb ...

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NWPAC outlook, 09 FEB

Daily update- Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Temperatures continue a general warming trend in the north and central regions of eastern Asia and the NWPAC, as parts of the south continue to get some drought relief, and the tropics remain quiet.  NORTH A general warming trend will proceed today across much of the north region as high pressure stays locked in and the air mass continues to moderate a bit. One reinforcing shot of cool air is making its way through northeastern China and Korea, accompanied by a vigorous, but rather compact, storm system in the Sea of Japan. This storm system will pass to the north-northeast, parallel to ...

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NWPAC outlook, 6/7 FEB

Weekend update- February 6/7, 2016

The weekend brings a warm-up to much of the north region, while the central holds steady, the south cools off just a tiny bit, and the tropics remain mostly quiet. NORTH Temperatures will be on the rebound this weekend across the majority of the north region as the coldest air stays far to the north and the current air mass moderates considerably. Portions of northern China, Mongolia, and eastern Russia will not enjoy this moderation as the colder air filters into these locations. A weak low pressure system riding along the old frontal boundary will slide to the east of Japan on ...

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