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Weekend weather brief - October 22/23, 2016

NORTH The newest surge of cooler air is making its way across the north region through the weekend. The frontal system associated with the new surge is currently moving through southeastern Russia and the D.P.R.K., extending to the west and south back into central China. This front will press through mainland Asia, and will be passing through Japan and maritime locations early next week. Temperatures are falling significantly behind this system, with single-digit highs forecast for the northerly locales, and teens extending as far south as Korea and central China through the weekend. The Korean peninsula and parts of eastern and ...

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25W full, 21 OCT

Daily weather brief - Friday, October 21, 2016

NORTH Surges of cooler and drier air from the northwest continue to roll through the north region, bringing a definite feel of autumn into the region. The newest cold front is draped across Mongolia and northern China, and will usher in the coldest air of the season to arrive next week. And earlier cold front has exited the region to the east, but not before bringing significant snowfall to portions of Japan’s northernmost main island of Hokkaido. Most locations will see plenty of sunshine today, with very cool temperatures in the northernmost locales. Areas to the south will see warmer temperatures, ...

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Typhoon Haima tracked over Luzon through the overnight hours after slamming in to Cagayan Province on the islands north east around 3AM Philippine time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ocVztfrnk Key Notes All schools and flights are cancelled across northern Luzon Wide spread power outages have been reported No Casualties have been reported at this time Check Satellite Imagery Here Wind Profile Can Be Found Here Official Forecast Track  WESTPACWX YOUTUBE CHANNEL A rare tropical cyclone signal warning #5 was issued for Cagayan, Northern Isabela, Apayao, Northern Kalinga Northern Abra and Ilocos Norte. Thousands of evacuation orders have been issued across Aurora, Cagayan and Ilocos Norte according to local officials and schools and businesses have ...

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Typhoon Haima Makes Landfall

Typhoon Haima (Lawin) has made landfall and is now tracking across northern Luzon, already there has been reports of damage but information is limited as power is out and it is still dark out in the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flu4Bkg0T64 PAGASA is taking no chances with this storm issuing the first ever Signal #5 for Cagayan and Isabella in North East Luzon where the storm is expected to come on shore.  Evacuation orders have been issued across Aurora, Cagayan and Ilocos Norte according to local officials.  Meanwhile relief supplies have been set up in hopes to have a swift recovery in northern Luzon following the ...

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Daily weather brief - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NORTH Cooler air continues to filter down into the north region as we charge through early autumn. A stalled frontal system in northern China will undulate for a bit until another stronger surge comes down later this week. Clouds and showers are possible over Japan and parts of eastern China, while the remainder of the region will see comfortable temperatures under partly cloudy skies. City High/Low C High/Low F Conditions Ulaanbaatar 6 -3 43 27 Mostly fair Vladivostok 17 2 63 36 Partly cloudy Beijing 22 14 72 57 Partly cloudy Seoul 23 12 73 54 Partly cloudy Tokyo 23 18 73 64 Mostly cloudy Xi’an 26 16 79 61 Partly cloudy Shanghai 23 21 73 70 Scattered showers likely   CENTRAL Southern locales of the central region are dealing with tropical storm 24W SARIKA today, as the system crosses the Gulf of Tonkin and moves into southeast Asia near the Vietnam/china ...

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